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High Hat Chimney Sweeps offering chimney services across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

High Hats chimney sweeps offer a variety of services...

bird nest removal, cowl and pot fitting, minor chimney repairs, fire appliance repairs

Birds nesting in your chimney ? or had birds fall down your chimney ?

If this has happened to you, you will know what an upset it can cause, the inconvenience, distress, mess and potential re decorating costs. Also the waiting for the young to fledge due to it being illegal to remove nesting birds or eggs under the Countyside and wildlife act 1981 - unless there is danger to life i.e, only source of heating in the home.

This can be avoided by fitting a simple chimney cowl or bird guard. It can be small price to pay for preventing the hassle and mess that could occur, use the contact me tab for more information...

Are you moving house in 2016?
Does your new property have existing fireplaces or a wood burning stove that you would like to use? It is essential to have the chimneys checked before using, they may not have been swept for some time, could be a chimney fire risk and potentially dangerous. If the property has been stood vacant for some time nesting birds may have moved in and blocked the flue. Not having the chimneys checked can be fatal, a blocked chimney or flue pipe can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Are you having problems with a chimney, fireplace or Stove in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire?
Do you require a regular maintenance visit anywhere in the North East of Scotland?
High Hat Sweeps can help both, in your home, or workplace.

High Hat Sweeps are fully qualified and insured to sweep chimneys for…

  • Open fires
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Jetmasters
  • Rayburns
  • Agas

All other types of flue where provision has been made for sweeping

It is important to have your chimneys swept regularly (at least annually) to remove soot and other debris.

If you’d like to know more about High Hat Chimney Sweeps, or just want advice, please contact us.

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